Verb Launches Chitter Chatter: A Celebration of Joy and Timeless Style

Verb presents its latest collection, Chitter Chatter, a vibrant celebration of joy and informal gatherings. This Spring/Summer 2024 collection captures the spirit of happiness with bright, cheerful designs that effortlessly bring a smile to your face.
Chitter Chatter features luxurious hand-stitched fabrics, intricate embroidery, playful patterns, and unique textures that define Verb's artisanal aesthetic. The collection highlights uneven hemlines and dimensional embellishments, adding a vintage charm. The bold interplay of striking colors and dynamic patterns is the collection's standout feature. Structured geometric motifs, hand-stitched blooms, and vibrant clashing prints create stunning statement pieces.
"This collection emerged from a desire to capture the boundless joy and optimism of informal gatherings. We wanted to create pieces that felt like wearable expressions of happy moments. Inspired by the cheerful buzz of social interactions, Chitter Chatter combines our signature craftsmanship with a fearless approach to vivid hues, bold patterns, and unique textural elements to craft a multi-dimensional experience that is both vintage-inspired and utterly modern," says Pallavi Singhee, Designer at Verb.
Chitter Chatter celebrates the limitless creativity of the human spirit – joyful, unrestrained, and confident. From striking dresses to dynamic separates, the collection transcends the boundaries of day and evening wear, exploring vibrant statement pieces that juxtapose vintage charm with exuberant expressions of individuality. Additionally, the collection is customizable in all sizes and features a variety of prints.
The collection is available at 
Starting price of the collection: Rs 10,400
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