Saudi Ministry of Culture organises a groundbreaking multimedia spectacle, the first of its kind in

  • The Saudi Ministry of Culture is collaborating with international cultural creation and experience design company Dragone for the big reveal of their latest creation, Terhal
  • Terhal, a spectacular theatrical performance, features acrobatics, stunts, aerial performance, and innovative technology alongside traditional Saudi art and dance
  • The show runs from 2nd to 19th March at a custom-built theatre in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia. The original story follows Saad, a young Saudi who travels across the Kingdom to explore its riches and heritage and find the key to building the future

Diriyah, Date: The Saudi Ministry of Culture presents the theatrical performance Terhal, meaning ‘travelling’, in collaboration with cultural creation company Dragone. Utilizing the latest theatrical technologies, Terhal is the first production of its kind in the Kingdom: an original, live theatrical spectacle that explores the culture of Saudi Arabia.

The cast of over 120 Saudi and international artists will lead the audience on an adventure that explores ambitions, dreams, and the role the Kingdom’s heritage and people play in shaping the future. Breathtaking scenes unfold through the story of Saad, a young Saudi studying in Riyadh, as he travels across the Kingdom to meet friends, overcome obstacles, experience the intensity of nature and discover that the key to the future lies in the country’s heritage. His travels are depicted by a range of scenic landscapes from different regions across the Kingdom, along with contemporary dances, displays and sequences inspired by the diversity of the traditional Saudi culture.

Performances such as Terhal will not only pave the way for discovering and empowering Saudi talent but will also exhibit the beauty and depth of Saudi culture to wider audiences. This groundbreaking performance is the first of many that will offer talented Saudi artists and theatre practitioners more exposure to, and experience with, international platforms and advanced theatrical techniques.

Terhal will be the first Dragone creation to open since the passing of its Founder and Artistic Director, Franco Dragone. It promises to be a particularly unmissable show, with every team member striving to honour Dragone’s legacy in every aspect of the production.  

The show will run from March 2-19 in a new theatre in Diriyah that has been built specifically for this show to give the audience an exciting new theatrical and visual experience. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, a circular stage and more, this phenomenal theatrical experience will serve as a taster for many more such events to come.



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