Latique Launches Their New Collection Firoza

New Delhi, March, 2019 ------- Latique’s FIROZA collection is one of a kind for the midsummer festive season. Our unique creation offers a brilliant combination of antique gold, uncut diamonds, turquoise and rubies which is ideal for women as an adornment and to standout from the crowd.


The collection speaks for itself. It is marvelously handcrafted by the craftsmen and curated by the best elements. The grace and the elegance of the jewellery makes the women more matured and dignified.


Latika Khanna, Founder and Designer, Latique, says: “My endeavor is to create jewellery that compliments the wearers’ personality. I strive to create timeless pieces of jewellery that can be handed down generations. Each design ensures that every uncut diamond and every gem is set in a way that maximizes its brilliance and beauty.”

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