Latique launches their StarDust Collection

New Delhi, April 2018 -------- Latique with their stardust collection is celebrating the season’s shiniest moments. StarDust Collection from Latique takes a beautiful, geometric form – the circle – and works it into a myriad of a-symmetrical rounds, half-rounds and ovals that present a modern ‘take’ on the traditional symmetrical shapes favoured by jewellery designers from time immemorial.

Latika Khanna, Latique’s designer and founder says: ‘I was looking for a new form that I could adapt into a signature series – I was attracted to circles, but I wanted them to really stand out. I think the unexpected forms we’ve created capture and hold the intensity of the gaze far more than the standard approach to circular design.’ 

Latique’s StarDust Collection comprises a variety of breathtaking pieces, using everything from the highest quality of diamonds, fancy cut diamonds to round diamonds, these stellar jewels are hand crafted with flawless diamonds and impeccable craftsmanship.

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Image 1: Marquees, brilliant cut, baguette and drop shaped diamonds framed in 18k gold


Image 2: Marquees and brilliant cut diamonds in 18k gold


Image 3: Brilliant cut, baguette and princess cut diamonds in 18k gold


Image 4: Marquees Diamond in 18k gold


Image 5: Baguette and Marquees diamonds in 18k gold


Image 6:  Brilliant cut diamonds in 18k gold


Image 7: Baguette, brilliant cut and marquees diamonds in 18k gold


Image 8: Brilliant, Baguette, Marquees and pear-shaped diamond in 18k gold


Image 9: Marquees, Baguette, Princess, Brilliant and drop shaped diamonds in 18k gold


The StarDust Collection can be seen at the Latique store at The Oberoi, Gurgaon.


About Latique:

Founded by designer Latika Khanna in New Delhi in 1992, Latique is a fine jewellery company that has rapidly won the admiration and patronage of international clientele. Starting with the vision that India is modern by design and always has been, Latique takes the rich jewellery heritage that this country is privileged to have enjoyed and gives it a truly contemporary soul. Its designs meet the growing demand for an international aesthetic that at the same time makes a bold statement about India’s style leadership on the world stage.

If design is what distinguishes Latique, quality is its hallmark. Each of its pieces is individually crafted to maintain the luxury status of the brand and meet with the highest international standards for unblemished stones.

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