5 ways how Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves brings our fantasies to life

Board games are fun, but the ones that are created out of our fantasies like the iconic 90s board game, Dungeons & Dragons, where we embody the characters to look for hidden treasures, fight magical creatures and use powers to fight evil, emerging as heroes... those are the best kind! What if we said this board game can come to life? Well, it has! With the talented direction of John Francis Dale and Jonathan Goldstein, and starring Chris Pine and Michelle Rodriguez, this film promises to be the ultimate escape from reality. Here are 5 reasons why you won't want to miss this adrenaline-fueled, fantasy adventure:

  1. Funny, chaotic and accidental heroes

A band of misfits, including a thief, his sidekick, a sorcerer, and a druid, find themselves on an involuntary mission to save the world, becoming accidental heroes. What's hilarious is that this wasn't even their original mission, and despite the change, the group continues to get sidetracked, resulting in witty dialogue and hilarious situations. We can all relate to their tendency to get distracted constantly!

  1. Cinematic Holy Grail - Drama, Comedy and Adventure

The fact that a bunch of misfits end up with the task of saving the world and accidentally becoming heroes gives people a good laugh. The group is not only funny, but they're also highly skilled and capable of battling their enemies with spells and sword. We get to experience the thrill of the adventure through their eyes.

  1. The board game is great, but dare we say the movie is better?

Don't come after us just yet! Playing the board game and letting your imagination run wild as we embody the characters is incredibly fun, but the movie has given life and color to our fantasies. The monsters are bigger and better, and watching our characters fight to complete their mission is even more exciting to see on the big screen. Watching the film in a theater will allow you to fully experience it.

  1. Chris Pine’s love for the OG game shines through

Our favorite Chris of Hollywood has a very special reason for taking up the role in this movie. He played a round of the game with his nephew and was floored by how fun and imaginative it is! He brings back the magic of this uber cool game through his character and we love him for this decision! Another fun fact, while his poor co-stars jumped around fighting monsters, Chris just ran. In an interview he mentioned that he didn’t have any stunts, he just ran his heart out in the movie!

  1. The worldwide reviews back our words

The international reviews are out and critics are loving the movie and we’ll save you the effort of going through them. According to BBC the movie is warm and upbeat and Seattle Times declared the movie has rolled a natural 20. IGN says it’s a visual feast of fantasy landscapes. All in all, the film is unique not just for giving life to an iconic board game but also for standing out as a vibrant action adventure, contrary to the generic dark theme monster-slaying adventure flicks.


Don’t overthink, sit back and get ready to experience the thrilling joyride of monster slaying and casting magic spells. Book your tickets at the nearest PVR and INOX theaters.






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