Where to Use Which LED Light?

Learn about the different types of energy-efficient LED lights that can be used to light up different areas of your home
LED lights have emerged as one of the most successful and efficient lighting systems, and they come with enhanced qualities. They are long-lasting, energy-efficient and low on maintenance. LED lights are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and categories of light fixtures that can be used for ambient, task, accent or decorative lighting. These lights come in colours like warm white, soft white and bright white. Here is all you need to know about the various options of LED lights available in the market and the right spots to use them.
Recessed LED downlights

Recessed downlights can be fixed within the false ceilings of bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and so on. These lights require a minimum gap of at least 5-6 inches between the true ceiling and the faux ceiling to fix the lights

Flush-mounted LED lights

Flush-mounted LEDs can be fixed directly onto the true ceiling wherever there is provision of wiring for the light.

Note that decorative LED pendant lights can be fixed onto the ceiling in a similar way.

LED strip lighting

These LED lights come in small strips that can easily be fixed under the overhead cabinets of kitchens to light up the kitchen countertop. Although the strip lights have a slim profile, they provide sufficient lighting for food preparation and cleaning.
In this example, LED strip lights have been used within the drop ceiling. The source of light is not visible and the diffused illumination imparts a soft glow that does not cause glare. Also, one can use dimmers to control the intensity of the diffused lighting.
Make a bold style statement with colourful mood lighting. In this image, multi-coloured LED strip lights have been cleverly used within the wall panelling to transform a simple passage into a striking one.
Just see how diffused illumination is used to light up the outdoors. In this example, LED strip lighting has been effectively used within the walkway to create a well-lit passage and soft ambience.

LED bulbs

If your CFL, incandescent or halogen bulbs have burned out, consider replacing them with LED bulbs.

LED bulbs are comparatively more expensive than other bulbs. It is advisable to match the bulb that is being replaced with the new LED bulb that you are buying. The best way to do this by taking the existing bulb to the shop and let the shopkeeper match all the specifications for you and replace it with a similar LED bulb.

LED rope lights

LED rope lighting works well for the outdoors because it is encased within a durable plastic tubing. Rope lighting is perfect for fountains, walkways and outdoor landscape areas.

LED decorative lights

These lights are ideal for decorating the home during Diwali or other festivals. They consume less electricity, do not get heated and last longer than the conventional incandescent lights and bulbs that are used for decorative purposes.

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