7 Essentials For a Successful Kitchen Renovation

Before one knows it, a kitchen can start feeling dated and looking shabby. Perhaps one of the reasons is the gamut of activities that keep it constantly at work. Is your kitchen asking for a renovation?

There are a lot of small and big elements involved, and knowing where and how to start can make the process trouble-free and well ordered. Check out these seven renovation ‘must-dos’ that can surely take your cook space from mundane to mind-blowing.

  1. Update the cabinet fronts
    Give your tired-looking cabinets a makeover by installing new ones or replacing the door fronts with fresh material. Depending on the extent of the wear and tear of your existing cabinet doors, they can be replaced with solid wood or PVC shutters to achieve a new facelift. Wondering what’s the best material for kitchen cabinets?

    You can remove the shutters of a few overhead cabinets to create open shelves or replace them with glass. Glass, whether plain, etched, frosted or stained, can help keep your kitchen looking up to date and crisp for many years to come. You can also redo the cabinets’ finish by installing new laminates or veneers. Hire a skilled carpenter to peel off the existing sheets and cover the cabinets with modern ones.
  2.  Update the backsplash
    I find the backsplash the most hardworking, used and abused part of the kitchen. Consider changing your old and tired backsplash and bringing an instant zing and freshness to your cook space. Though make sure the material you choose for the backsplash is one that fits your cooking habits the best.
  3.  Paint it fresh
    Sometimes all your kitchen requires is fresh coat of paint or a change in colour. You could go for a monochrome theme like in this image. On the other hand, don’t be afraid to try a more polychromatic approach – a little colour never hurt anybody.
  4. Upgrade appliances and lights
    It is possible that the efficiency of your kitchen hood, hob, oven and so on may have reduced due to ageing. Consider bringing in the latest, sleek, built-in appliances that can not only reinforce the efficiency and space management, but also bring newness to the kitchen. You may also think about adding an island, if space permits. Find out the key measurements for a kitchen island here.

    Lighting is another important area of improvement. Switch to smart LED lights in place of bulbs and tube lights. LEDs are cost-effective, energy efficient and long lasting. You can also generate beautiful vignettes by lighting the cabinets creatively.
  5. Redo the flooring
    Just like the wall colour and backsplash, the floor can really influence the look of your kitchen. If your existing floor runs beneath the cabinets till the wall edges, you will have to remove the cabinetry and refit it after the new floor is laid.

    Redoing the floor can be a hefty job and shouldn’t be taken up rashly. It includes hiring a skilled contractor for removing the existing flooring material, preparing the sub-base and installing a new flooring material.

    You can pick from the manifold porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, terracotta tiles, stone tiles, wood, cement tiles and so on readily available in stores. You can opt for avant-garde options like patterned tiles, mosaic highlighters and decorative vinyl too. Ultimately, it should tie the whole design together
  6. Add clever storage
    Extra storage in dead places is always a plus. The area above the overhead cabinets, the unused wall space, the over-fridge area, toe-kick space, the vertical space at the sides of the island and so on can be employed to provide additional storage around the kitchen.

    Internal drawers, drawer organisers, corner pull-outs and deep modular baskets can boost the efficiency of your cabinets substantially. Having more storage equals less clutter on the counter, equals a neat and orderly kitchen.
  7. Personalise with accessories
    Let your kitchen radiate your character by filling the space with things you love. Although a unique pendant light, an accentuating area rug, a vintage trolley, or a window treatment can surely do the trick, smaller elements like quirky cabinet knobs, jars, vases and indoor plants can up the game to a totally new level.

    Top the walls with a piece of art you admire, a wallpaper, a simple pin-up board or a family photo collage that you always wanted to bring in … and voila! your dream kitchen is ready.

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