Top Designers Predict Home Interior Trends

Celebrated designers Ayush Kasliwal, Rakeshh Jeswaani, Aamir Sharma and Vinayak Diwan tell us what will work and what will not

Every year we see a new twist in aesthetics and trends – in terms of colour, furniture, accessories, lighting and more. A certain design element, a particular look or a throwback feature starts dominating over most interiors. It’s always fun to ride a new wave and stay on trend, isn’t it? We asked the top experts from the industry to share some of the hottest trends that will ride high all throughout 2018. Here are their thoughts.


Ayush Kasliwal , Product and interior designer,Anantaya AKFD, Jaipur


While I personally eschew the idea of trends per se, one can, on the basis of macro trends (ways of living), project a direction. The colours for interiors are directed by urban homes looking inwards, wanting a connection with nature and seeking an identity for the homeowner. Soft earthy hues, both warm and cold, would work well on the fixed surfaces (walls and floors), with richer hues in the transient items (furniture and textiles). Furniture will tend to be cleaner in line and lighter in spirit.Rich textures, muted patterns for upholstery but celebrated in rich tones in the other home textiles, will be visible. The bedrooms will be dominated by whites and beige. Decor accessories will reflect a culture, and be in the traditional, authentic palette of materials. Geometric shapes will sit comfortably with vintage Indian handcrafted products. In terms of lighting, crisp lamps, but clustered in groups, will be seen.For tableware, modern geometric shapes, with solid colour blocking will be popular; a peppering of old objects on the table, in solid colours, will add interest and stories to dinners.


Rakeshh JeswaaniArchitect,Rakeshh Jeswaani Interior Architects, Mumbai


2018 is going to see a revival in retro colours like bright yellow, bright red, paired with black and white. Shades of grey are also going to make it big. Furniture lines are going to be a bit softer than before but with clean lines and minimal embellishment. Also, I think that period-style pieces are going to get more appreciation and will be used across mainstream design. Organic textures like jute and linen, combined with plush fabrics like velvet and silk, will be a hot combination. Different and more interesting ways of using indirect lighting are going to be popular. Decorative lights are also going to be used more thoughtfully and to more dramatic effect.


Aamir Sharma, Architect and interior designer, Aamir and Hameeda Associates, Hyderabad


I think neo-classical design with a hint of minimalism will be the next big thing in interiors this year. In terms of colours, there will be an increased popularity for bright and bold hues as we witnessed a growing interest in them towards the latter half of 2017; I am sure it will continue. Accessories are going to play a huge role as Indian art and artefacts are gaining more momentum all over the world. Lighting will be more decorative, to complement the world of varied accessories.


Vinayak DiwanArchitect and lighting designer,Lightbook, New Delhi


Colour trends change every year with a shift in people’s mindset and how they want to achieve atherapeutic space for easy living. 2018 will showcase deep blue or royal blue as a main colour, which can be paired with furniture in antique brass.
Antique brass finish in metallic furniture is here to stay, as it is yet to be explored more, with either black or earthy hues in paint colours. Lighting is the quintessential element in creating the aesthetics of any interior or architectural space. We are expecting more technology-driven lighting ambiences in 2018, as it becomes more human-responsive. This means that we will be able to change the colour temperature of any given lighting fixture from a warm white tone (3000K) to cool white (6500K), depending on the usage of the space and the lighting mood the users want to create for for themselves.

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