Over the last three decades, Zee TV has been instrumental in providing the Indian youth with a global platform to showcase their singing, dancing, and acting talent. The channel's most iconic dance reality show, Dance India Dance, also revolutionized the landscape of dance in the country when it first began to air in 2009. Over the last 13 years, the platform has stood testimonial to the sheer passion and love that India holds in its heart towards dance. After giving the audience a glimpse of this year's mind-blowing talent, Zee TV recently launched its top-rated reality show for the youngest dancing talent in the country - DID L'il Masters Season 5.  

Since its launch, viewers have been having a gala time watching the young dancing sensations put up some incredible acts week after week. However, this Saturday, viewers are in for a special treat as Ranveer Singh will grace DID L'il Masters as a guest. While the talented youngsters impressed him and the judges during the shoot, Ahmed Raja's performance with skipper Vaibhav Ghuge inspired everyone, and Ranveer Singh was in complete awe by what he witnessed on this stage. While everyone was mesmerized by his performance, the founder of the Inali Foundation- Prashant Gade, announced supporting Ahmed with prosthetic limbs and sponsoring his lifetime education. Isn't it an amazing initiative?

Ranveer Singh said"You are superb, and I believe the courage you have shown is incredible. People are generally afraid of even coming up on stage, but you are the real embodiment of the spirit of life, and I believe we get to learn a lot from you. You are just seven years old, but I learned a lot from you in these past 2 minutes that whatever happens in life, 'Dil Kholkar Jeena Chahiye aur Zinda Hai Toh Pyaala Poora Bhar Le.' It was an honour watching you perform on this stage, and we are blessed to witness this today. You truly are inspiring."

Remo mentioned"On behalf of all of us, DID L'il Masters and Zee TV, I want to thank Inali Foundation." Jay added, "The day all of us saw Ahmed on the stage of DID L'il Masters, we all wanted to support him somehow, and I feel Inali Foundation is taking up a great initiative. The way this foundation is sponsoring his lifetime education and is helping him with prosthetic limbs is a remarkable attempt."

While Ahmed's presence on the stage inspired everyone, wait till you see the extravagant dance performance by all the fantastic contestants this weekend!  

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