“I promise that I will personally go and meet your grandparents in Kolkata and convince them,” mentions Kumar Sanu as he gives DID L’il Masters’ contestant Rishita a sweet promise


Over the last three decades, Zee TV has been instrumental in providing the Indian youth with a global platform to showcase their singing, dancing, and acting talent. The channel's most iconic dance reality show, Dance India Dance, also revolutionized the landscape of dance in the country when it first began to air in 2009. Over the last 13 years, the platform has stood testimonial to the sheer passion and love that India holds in its heart towards dance. After giving the audience a glimpse of this year's mind-blowing talent, Zee TV recently launched its top-rated reality show for the youngest dancing talent in the country - DID L'il Masters Season 5.     

  Since its launch, viewers have been having a gala time watching the young dancing sensations put up some wonderful acts week after week. In fact, this Sunday, viewers are in for a special treat as Kumar Sanu, Ajay Devgn and Rakul Preet Singh appear as guests on DID L’il Masters. While the talented youngsters impressed the special guests as well as the judges during the shoot, it was Rishita’s mashup act that impressed everyone. But no one could have imagined what followed! When Rishita spoke about the heart-wrenching situation that she finds herself in with her grandparents not keen on accepting her or her parents, Kumar Sanu got really emotional. He was touched by hearing her plight, so much so that the legendary singer promised Rishita that he will travel to Kolkata personally and convince her grandparents to accept her. 

As Kumar Sanu mentioned“I don’t understand how her grandparents have never seen their cute little granddaughter and how they can’t accept her. How long are they planning to stay angry with you and your parents? I promise you today that I will personally go and meet them in Kolkata to convince them and you will definitely meet your grandparents. I am sure that they will be so happy and proud to see you performing so well. I will take care of this, don’t worry!” 

While Rishita’s performance will leave everyone spellbound, wait till you see the extravagant dance performance by all the Fantastic 15 contestants this weekend!   

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