“It was my dream come true moment,” reveals Mithai actor Debattama Saha after shooting for the show at the famous Shrinathji temple


Zee TV's latest fiction offering - Mithai - is an amalgamation of a love story and a family drama, all tied together inside a wonderful box of traditional Indian sweets. Following the story of two polar opposite personalities - Mithai (Debattama Saha) and Siddharth (Aashish Bhardhwaj), the show delves into the life of a gifted sweet maker based in Mathura who wants to preserve the legacy of Aloo Jalebis that she has inherited from her father, but is now, unfortunately, on the verge of extinction. While the show has started off well and is being appreciated by the audience, a lot of exciting twists and turns are all set to keep the viewers at the edge of their seats.   

Since the first day of shoot, lead stars - Aashish Bhardhwaj and Debattama Saha have been working round the clock to make their characters even more relatable to their viewers. With the show being based in Mathura, the actors even shot for the initial few episodes in the city. During this outdoor schedule, our lead actress Debattama Saha a.k.a Mithai got a chance to shoot at the prestigious Shrinathji Temple and fulfil her life-long dream. 

As Debattama mentioned, “It was a dream come true moment when I got a chance to shoot at the Shrinathji Temple for Mithai. When I was a kid, my father used to narrate the stories of Lord Krishna and a few stories were related to the Shrinathji Temple in Mathura. After listening to all his tales, I was very curious to visit every place related to Krishna Ji and Shrinathji Temple was one of them. I couldn’t get a chance to visit the temple earlier, I am thankful to the entire Mithai team that they gave me a chance to shoot inside the temple. I feel I have started this new journey with the blessings of Krishna ji, which makes me feel very good. I hope everyone keeps showering me with their love and blessings.”  

While Debattama started her new journey with a lot of positivity, what will happen when Siddharth and Dadu try to hide Indu’s cancer report from Mithai on the show?   

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