The Original Trio of DID Remo D`Souza, Geeta Kapoor and Terrence Lewis reunite after 10 years on Zee TV`s DID L`il Masters!


Zee TV recently launched the fifth season of its top-rated reality show for the youngest dancing talent in the country - DID L'il Masters.

The show has started off with a bang and is winning hearts as it presents awe-inspiring dance acts by some of our country's most astonishing young dancing talent. But that's not all ... The show has managed another big coup that is bound to get its viewers super-charged with nostalgia and excitement!

After over a decade, the OG judges of DID - Geeta Kapoor and Terrence Lewis reunited with Remo D'Souza on the sets of DID L'il Masters Season 5. Yes! It's been more than 10 years that these three appeared as judges on the first season of DID, along with the host Jay Bhanushali and created mass hysteria and sparked off a dance revolution that changed the landscape of dance reality television forever. And the viewers just won't be able to get enough of them! What’s more?!

To make the episode even more exciting, Mouni Roy, Sonali Bendre, the three OG judges, and the host- Jay Bhanushali, celebrated 'Phoolon wali Holi' on the sets together leaving everyone wanting for more. Everyone reminisced old memories and emotional connections they all have with each other and the biggest dance platform of DID.

Speechless and nostalgic, Remo D'souza said, "The feeling is the same when we started off this show, I am falling short of words as I even try to express this feeling. We always believed in doing what felt right, and we together wrote history on this show. Three of us will eternally be grateful to this show and the channel Zee TV!"

Sharing his experience with DID, Terrence Lewis said, "I just want to say that DID is the show we are always remembered for and is the reason where we are today. This show has become a symbol for dance, I believe this show got me these two precious friends, and the audience got such a unique platform to unleash their dreams and passion for dancing. I believe dance began to be looked upon with a lot more respect on Indian television after this show. I am really grateful to Zee TV for creating this show because it is so unique that people started to believe in dance, not just as a passion but also a career option."

Emotional and teary-eyed, Geeta Kapoor said, "We were merely Remo, Geeta, and Terrence for everyone before this show, but this platform brought us respect as Master Remo, Geeta Ma and Master Terrence, which we didn't realize will be so priceless and precious to us. When we started off DID, it was like a teacher to us, and we were students who got to learn something new every day on the stage, sitting at the judge's panel. Our first school (DID) has taught us to learn something new every day wherever we go, and we are still learning and growing every day. I just want to thank Zee TV, DID, Jay, Mithun Da, and all the contestants and parents who entrusted us."

Jay Bhanushali, reminiscing old memories, said, "Today it feels like the first season of DID when the three of them (Geeta, Terence and Remo) are dancing here on the stage, and I can clearly remember how they managed to choreograph this song from scratch and made it a success across the country. I believe that even though after doing so many shows through these years, DID is the only show which made me what I am today and am remembered for."

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