Did you know Krushal Ahuja and Aanchal Goswami ended up eating 12 plates of golgappe for a sequence in Rishton Ka Manjha?


Zee TV's Rishton Ka Manjha has managed to make a remarkable impression on the audience courtesy of its intriguing plot and relatable characters of Arjun (Krushal Ahuja) and Diya (Aanchal Goswami). While the adorable duo has been working round the clock for the show, it looks like their love for golgappe (fuchka) left everyone amused on the sets recently. In fact, Krushal and Aanchal were having such a great time enjoying golgappe that they ended up eating more than 12 plates of the chat item. The duo just couldn't resist finishing the plate of their favourite chaat in front of them, even before the director could get the shot!

The actors had to actually shoot a sequence where Arjun prepares golgappe for Diya, and they have a conversation while eating the chaat item. But even before the dialogues could be completed, Aanchal and Krushal would end up eating a couple of plates of golgappe in front of them. So at one point, the crew even had to go out and get more plates of chaat to complete the sequence.  

As Krushal recalls, "Both Aanchal and I are foodies, and when we get to eat during a sequence, we can't resist ourselves. We love eating so much that they actually hide food items from us so that we don't finish it before the shot is completed. In fact, we recently shot a sequence where we had to eat golgappe and have a conversation. But before the director could get the shot, we would finish it. So we ended up eating 12 plates of golgappe that day (laughs)."

The actor further added, "As an actor, I always try keeping a tab on my food habits, but I prefer having cheat days in between as well. During such days, I experiment with different cuisines and try Indian street food as well. The spicy street food items are my favourite, and I crave them during the days I am on a strict diet."

While Krushal has a blast feasting on yummy food items on the sets of Rishton Ka Manjha, it looks like new twists and turns in Arjun and Diya's life will keep everyone at the edge of their seats.

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