“I believe devotional music is a considerably more challenging genre”, said Suresh Wadkar on the sets of Swarna Swar Bharat


Offering audiences, a ray of hope through a powerful connection with divinity, Zee TV recently launched a first-of-its-kind devotional singing reality show - Swarna Swar Bharat, which will provide spectators with a glimmer of hope through a profound connection with divinity. Through a unique blend of smart and accessible stories spoken in verse and soothing devotional music, the show will highlight Indian values and lead us back to our roots. In the upcoming episodes, Padmashree Suresh Wadkar will be seen praising one of the contestants of the show-Sarvshreshtha Mishra, who mesmerized everyone with his extraordinary performance of the song Jo Bhaje Hari ko Sada by Bhimsen Joshi. Enthralled by the beautiful performance of contestant Sarvshreshtha, who hails from Madhubani, Bihar, Padmashree Suresh Wadkar complimented his beautiful voice and how devotional music is overall a different genre to sing.

Praising him, Padmashree Suresh Wadkar shared, “I believe your future is bright, and you’re the richest person on earth now because of your beautiful voice. I have been a devotional music singer, and I know this is a difficult genre because it is directly connected with classical singing. There are very few people who are blessed with such soulful and mature voice, you are fortunate that you are one of them.”

He further added, “The concept of this show is very different as the participants have an opportunity to groom themselves through singing. I believe preparation is a vital factor, and a proper selection of songs is important for singing the devotional songs. Since it is linked to classical singing, I believe this is a relatively more challenging genre.”

While the mesmerizing performance by Sarvshreshtha Mishra will surely raise the bar, wait till you see the performances by other talented contestants.

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