How will Preeta save Karan and the Luthra family from the clutches of Prithvi after the two year leap in Kundali Bhagya?


Zee TV’s top-rated show, Kundali Bhagya, has offered several interesting twists to its viewers since its inception. The constant chaos and commotion in Karan (Dheeraj Dhoopar) and Preeta’s (Shraddha Arya) lives has surely kept the audience at the edge of their seats over the past few months. While the viewers have recently witnessed a lot of ups and downs in the story plot, a whole new twist is going to leave them astounded in the upcoming episodes, as Kundali Bhagya takes a two-year leap! 

In the upcoming episodes, everyone will witness how Preeta bravely rescues Pihu (Swarna Pandey) after the former was kidnapped by Sonakshi (Mansi Srivastava). While saving her, she also comes to know how Pihu was never really Karan and Sonakshi’s daughter, but just her trump card to get into Karan’s life. Preeta will successfully reveal Sonakshi’s true intentions in front of the Luthra family, however a vengeful Sonakshi plans to kill Preeta but Pihu ends up being targeted and loses her life! The whole Luthra family, including Karan will be devastated, and will blame Preeta for Pihu’s death. They will also force her to leave the Luthra mansion in the penultimate episode before the leap. 

The show will take a 2 year leap unfolding a new narrative. The audience will be bewildered to see Preeta living with her family and working as a physiotherapist in a clinic. She will bump into a devasted Mahesh Luthra (Naveen Saini) who pleads Preeta to save the Luthra family from the Prithvi Malhotra (Sanjay Gagnani). Preeta decides to return to the mansion, only to realize it’s now owned and run by Prithvi Malhotra. Preeta will try to save the Luthras from the clutches of the antagonist, but will she be successful? And will she reunite with Karan once again? 

Talking about the leap Shraddha Arya mentioned, “The two-year leap is filled with new twists and turns. The fresh narrative will see Preeta returning to the Luthra House with the sole intention of saving the family from the clutches of Prithvi Malhotra. While Preeta is upset of being thrown out of the house, she will get emotional seeing her family suffering. It will be a tough time for the Luthras and I feel the leap will bring in some high-voltage drama into the show. It will be a fresh challenge and I am quite kicked about it. I hope our fans enjoy the upcoming track.” 

While a lot of drama is all set to unfold, will Preeta and Karan end up together? And will Preeta be able to save the Luthra’s? 

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