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Zee TV recently launched a fresh romantic drama, Aggar Tum Na Hote, which showcases the extent to which a nurse goes to treat her patient. The story revolves around Niyati Mishra - a young, hard-working, and dedicated nurse and Abhimanyu Pandey who is a charming, rich young man dealing with mental instability. While the show has already impressed everyone with its unique storyline, it is Abhimanyu (Himanshu Soni) and Niyati's (Simaran Kaur) camaraderie that has become the talk of the town. While the leads Simaran Kaur and Himanshu Soni have already made an impression on the audience, one such character who has mesmerized the audience with his impactful performance is Avinash Wadhawan. Avinash has been a part of Zee TV’s Piyaa Albela before and now he is making a comeback on television after almost 3 years as Gajendra Pandey in the show.

Avinash is playing the pivotal role of Abhimanyu’s father - Gajendra Pandey in the show, who is a very influential, rich, and suave power broker based in Uttar Pradesh. He is a very strong and authoritative man and there is no task that he cannot complete once he sets his mind to. He loves his family too much and would do anything to keep them together. His character has a dark side, but as his story unfolds, we get to know how he is so caring towards his family. His relationship with his son has a lot of friction but he has a heart of gold for the people in need. He has even donned a new look to play this emotionally challenging role of Gajendra in debonair style, Avinash is very excited to show the different shades of his character with his impeccable acting skills and his new suave.

Talking about his role, Avinash said “It feels great to be back on television after a forced sabbatical of around two and half years *laughs*. Talking about coming back to television, I feel that the kind of public reach television has, no other medium offers that, be it Cinema or OTT. When I was first narrated about my character, I was extremely excited after listening to the story as I was looking out for a good role and Gajendra’s character is very complex and I’ve never played a role like this in all my earlier shows.  The story is like an emotional rollercoaster and has some immersive drama that shows a strained but deeply bonded relationship between a father and his son. I’m enjoying enacting this role and I have even changed my body language, attire & attitude to get into the skin of my character. Personally, my nature is opposite to Gajendra Pandey’s loud, ruthless, and show-off nature so it is a bit more challenging, and I couldn’t relate to it. But I am trying my best to portray the role.”

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