On ‘Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti’,


Celebrated on the fourth day of the Ashwin month, ‘Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti’ commemorates the birth anniversary of the legendary king Agrasen Maharaj. And on this auspicious occasion, &TV’s show ‘Ghar Ek Mandir – Kripa Agrasen Maharaja Ki’, actors - Shrenu Parikh (Genda Agarwal), Akshay Mhatre (Varun Agarwal), Sai Ballal (Kundan Agarwal), and Sameer Dharmadhikari (Agrasen Maharaja and his human form) reminisce the legendary king, Agrasen Maharaja’s ideologies. The show is a never-seen-before socio drama on Indian television built around the context of the legendary king, Agrasen Maharaja. Shrenu Parikh (Genda Agarwal) shares, “The ideology of Agrasen Maharaja holds relevance even today and serve as guiding force for leading life. In one of his principles, he beautifully described women of the house as Lakshmi, who binds the family together through thick and thin, looks after their wellbeing and maintains peace and harmony. But if disrespected, the entire family falls apart. Therefore, one must treat this Lakshmi with the utmost respect and shower her with love and care to attract immense prosperity and harmony, which no riches in the world will be able to substitute.” Sameer Dharmadhikari (Agrasen Maharaja and his human form) shares, “Agrasen Maharaja’s teachings are priceless and offer immense guidance in leading a righteous life. He believed in treating people with compassion, equality, and endurance. Following these ideologies has benefitted me personally to quite an extent, making me more compassionate and forthcoming. The more we care for the happiness of others, the greater our sense of wellbeing becomes. Cultivating this helps remove fears or insecurities and gives us the strength to cope with any obstacles we encounter, an ultimate source of success in life.”

Sai Ballal (Kundan Agarwal) shares, “Everyone wants to be successful in their area of work but maintaining a balance between professional and personal life is a must. It is important teaching imparted by Agrasen Maharaja, and it applies to all of us. ‘Bada vyapari sab bane din bhar kare vyapar, jo ghar grahasti tod de woh vyapar hai bekaar’ means that if work is affecting your family life by any means, then it is not worth the effort. After all, we work to ensure the needs and requirements of our families are met.” Akshay Mhatre (Varun Agarwal) shares, “The one principle of Agrasen Maharaja that I live by is the one that teaches us about evolving with times. Change is inevitable so embrace it. Indeed, one who does not evolve with changing times is often left behind. The resistance to change always acts as a hurdle in the way of success and prosperity. I have always been taught ‘time and tide wait for no man’, and this has been my guru mantra since childhood, and I always try to stay updated with the latest trends, technology, and skills.”

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