“I partly lived my rockstar dream while shooting for this sequence,” says Teri Meri Ikk Jindri’s Adhvik Mahajan


Ever since its first episode aired, Zee TV’s fiction show - Teri Meri Ikk Jindri has been successful in entertaining the masses through its unique love story of two starkly different personalities - Mahi (Amandeep Sidhu) and Jogi (Adhvik Mahajan). The duo’s striking chemistry and adorable love story has been immensely loved by the viewers. In fact, the numerous twists and turns to their tale has also kept the audience hooked to know more, especially after Avneet’s (Aalisha Panwar) unprecedented entry in Jogi - Mahi's love life. While Avneet's interference has definitely tipped Mahi off, Jogi is oblivious to Mahi's concern. Instead, his current focus is releasing his new album and emerging as the new rockstar of the country.

To bring out this new twist in Jogi’s character better, Adhvik Mahajan took up a new avatar recently, which was quite different from Jogi’s original look. Retaining the vibrancy and colour of his attires, Adhvik put on a bright red, blingy jacket embossed with spikes that gave a slight quirk to his appearance. With a few simple accessories and trendy black shades, Adhvik truly looked nothing less than a rockstar on set. In fact, he was so thrilled with his look that he almost felt like this was a dream come true moment for him. “I think I partly lived my rockstar dream while shooting for this sequence,” said the actor humorously.

Adhvik further added,I was really looking forward to getting into this new avatar, but I never really imagined that the entire appearance and personality of Jogi 2.0 would suit me so well. At first, the thought of donning such an attire took me aback since I am someone who prefers dapper yet subtle outifts. However, since Jogi himself has quirky sense of fashion, the 2.0 version of my character had to be one step ahead. I feel there is a very thin line between making a fashionable statement and overdoing the look and I must say that the entire team has put in their best efforts to ensure that the new version of Jogi looks as fashionable as the original. In fact, I was so impressed with the whole look that when the team asked me to get a haircut on set to complete the look, I didn’t hesitate even a bit. Overall, I think I have had a lot of fun playing this part and can’t wait to see how my fans react to it.

While, Adhvik is definitely impressed with Jogi’s new style and appearance, Mahi is not really on the same page with him. In fact, she hates the Jogi 2.0 version that is being brought forward by Avneet and when the latter tries to convince Jogi to sing an item number instead of a romantic song, Mahi strongly protests. Amid Mahi and Avneet’s tu-tu main-main, will Jogi follow his heart or abide by Avneet’s wishes?

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