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Law and order play an important role in solving the mystery of crime cases. Hence, it is imperative to have an all-equipped police unit maintaining public order across all cities. Tightening its team of officials is &TV’s show Mauka-E-Vardaat with a power-packed group of cops. With popular names such as Aman Verma, Gaurav Khanna, Kanan Arunachalam, Shahbaz Khan, and Tanya Abrol the police squad will give criminals a run for their lives.

Elated on being a part of &TV’s Mauka-E-VardaatGaurav Khanna shares, “Since childhood, I always dreamt of myself in a uniform of those supporting the law and order of the country. And in this show as Gaurav Singh Rajput, I got to live this dream by becoming a cop. My character of Gaurav Singh Rajput is a Police Inspector of today’s generation; he is calm, pays special attention to details, and takes calculative decisions. In my first episode as Gaurav, I head a team which helps in solving a case where a monster creates havoc by going on a killing spree.” 

Popular actor Kannan Arunachalam joins the cop squad too. Sharing his excitement of being a part of Mauka-E-Vardaat, Kannan Arunachalam says, “Wearing the khaki uniform fills me with pride and honour, even though it is just for the sake of the character I am essaying. As Srikant Iyyer, a law enforcement officer in &TV’s Mauka-E-Vardaat, I shall be helping my team unravel many unbelievable crime cases. Srikant is an experienced police officer and believes in solving crimes the old-school way. In one of the cases, he oversees, a husband-wife duo blames each other for the death of a man, and later it is revealed that two more people were killed. Srikant and his team find out the reason and person behind the ruthless murders.”

Veteran actor Shahbaz Khan as Shahnawaz Khan is seen as a tough Police officer in Mauka-E-Vardaat. Talking about his role, he shares, “Shahnawaz Khan is an honest police officer who has zero tolerance for crime and wrongdoings. He gets angry seeing people violate laws and behave as if they have done nothing wrong. His personality compliments his profession and often intimidates people to confess to their crimes. He will be seen handling a very high-profile case in saving the daughter of the Superintendent of police who gets caught in a Naxalite connection among many others.”

Seen in a different look and character is Aman Verma, as Police Inspector Abhay Kumar. He shares, “Abhay Kumar is one of the senior-most police officials, running the station while maintaining his levelheadedness. His attention to detail helps him find clues that often get ignored by others. There are times that his patience level gets tested but he never makes any decision in haste. While some cases do seem difficult, like the one where a man dies in an accident 100km away from his place but manages to meet his wife at his residence at the same time as that of his death. As confusing and unbelievable as it might sound, PI Abhay Kumar does manage to crack this case wide open with the help of his team. Watch out to know more on how!”

Chak De India fame Tanya Abrol will be seen as a cop alongside Aman Verma. Talking about her role, she shares, “I am playing the role of Sub-Inspector Surabhi Kaur who reports into PI Abhay Kumar. Lashkar is extremely dedicated and hard-working, but her temper gets the best of her. She never says no to any work and tries to go the extra mile in giving her best shot at the job. Lashkar’s first case with PI Abhay Kumar is the mysterious death of a man who is at the same time at his place as that of his death.” She further adds, “Before deciding to take on acting as a full-time career, I was preparing for the IAS examination. However, soon I realised acting was my true calling. Hence, I am where I am. But the affinity to police officials still stays strong in my heart and I am glad to be playing this role.”

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