Solah Kilo Ka Lehanga!


With social media frenzy and designer looks, weddings have always been a trendsetting statement for many. While some spend months together to plan their perfect d-day, others choose to make it a short and simple affair. &TV’s very own Genda in Ghar Ek Mandir – Kripa Agrasen Maharaja Ki is close to her wedding date, and Shrenu Parikh, who is essaying the role, comments on her preparations for her reel marriage. She says, “Weddings tracks are so much fun! I am getting treated like a real bride, and I am enjoying every bit of it! Right from exquisite jewellery, hairstyle, makeup to extravagant outfits – there is so much to do in so little time! But I am not complaining. Genda’s bridal look is simple yet elegant. The costume designer Reena Chopra has prepared a customised 16 kg lehenga that is undoubtedly super heavy to carry off. Imagine walking in it through the day! I have never worn something that weighty before; the design on it is intricate and stunning. After all, shooting in Jaipur has its perks! The entire mood and ambience are celebratory, with everyone smiling, decked up in their traditional best and dancing away to glory. Of course, there is a high-voltage drama in store. Shaadi ho aur koi vipatti na ho, aisa toh ho hi nahi sakta! (Laughs).”

Elaborating on Genda’s bridal lehenga, costume designer Reena Chopra comments, “The shaadi ka joda has a mix of Chandni Chowk appeal along with a sophisticated touch to it. For her wedding, Genda will adorn a happy shade of pop red with golden embellishments. The lehenga has delicate zardozi embroidery and gotta Patti work, making it a beautiful combination of pink and gold. The ornaments are strictly hand-made as Kundan Agarwal owns a shop that specialises in customised hand-made jewellery in the show. To make Shrenu’s D-Day in the show look larger than life, we have studied her skin tone and features and accordingly worked on her appearance, the costume design, fabric and ornaments.”

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