Mouli Ganguly to essay Anusuya`s role in


Making a comeback to television after two long years is renowned actor Mouli Ganguly. She will be seen portraying the pivotal character of Anusuya in &TV's mythological show, Baal Shiv. Of all the fascinating stories on the legend of Lord Shiva and his various avatars, one story that has never been told before is that of Baal Shiv and his Baal Roop. Lord Shiva had taken several avatars but had never experienced childhood and a mother's love. Produced by Zee Studios, Baal Shiv will depict the untold mythical Katha of the mother and son's (Mahasati Anusuya and Baal Shiv's) eternal bond through exploring various chapters of his childhood and self-discovery. 

Elated to portray Anusuya, Mouli Ganguly says, "Being a part of Baal Shiv, a show so unique with a captivating storyline and well-known actors is a momentous moment for me. Anusuya's character is one of the most prominent roles in the show. The storyline depicts the unheard and fascinating Katha of Mahadev's Baal roop and the tale of mother and son's eternal bond. I feel blessed to be chosen for such a significant role. I have essayed varied characters throughout my career, but this one surely stands out. Anusuya is the perfect balance of compassion and determination. She takes care of gurukul and its children as her own, imparts the best of knowledge, and cultivates discipline in them. Her unwavering faith and devotion in her husband have helped her earn the title of Mahasati." Talking about preparation for the role, Mouli adds, "We have a research team on board to help us understand and absorb various character nuisances more clearly and deeply. Besides, we also have had a series of workshops to prep us in every possible way. Be it the expressions, body language, dialogue delivery, voice modulation, look test, costume trials, and more. Baal Shiv is my second mythological show, and it is always a very different Baallgame altogether. A lot of research and preparations go into bringing every character to life. There is a sense of grandness and a much bigger responsibility. No doubt, it is an enriching experience playing such an intense and pious character."

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