“I have no reservations about playing a mother on television,” says Vivana Singh as she enters Zee TV’s Apna Time Bhi Aayega


Be it her elegant style, royal mannerisms or her cunning mind that is constantly planning something evil, the character of Maharani Rajeshwari in Zee TV’s Apna Time Bhi Aayega has received a lot of love from the audience since day one. Though Rani’s (Megha Ray) hard-hitting journey while trying to break free from the shackles of her societal status took centre stage and managed to inspire several women across India, it was Maharani Rajeshwari who kept viewers enthralled as she continued to bring new twists in Rani's life. Stepping into the shoes of this character will be actor Vivana Singh.


Having essayed quite a few negative characters on television, Vivana is quite adept and proficient at playing such roles. While the actress was thrilled to set foot in a wonderful show with an interestingly layered grey character, she was more than ecstatic at playing the role of a mother to three older kids as well. Sharing her thoughts on the same, Vivana revealed, “I have mostly played young negative lead roles till date, but this character offers me something very different. I have never really played a mother to three adults. To be able to carry that kind of motherly emotion while also enacting the role of the evil Maharani Rajeshwari to the T, will be a creative leap for me. To be honest, I have no reservations about playing a mother on television, if I believe the character is substantial and puts me in a situation where I feel challenged as an actor. I truly hope to bring my own unique touch to the character and look forward to learning something new out of it every day. I have never been considered to play a mother on screen, so when Apna Time Bhi Aayega came my way, I took it as destiny's plans for me as I strongly believe in grace and plans of divinity.”

Adding further about stepping into the character of Rani sa and how she has been prepping for it, Vivana mentioned, “I have never played anything close to Maharani Rajeshwari, so I am enjoying my time while exploring the character. In fact, I have also been using my own personal experiences of negative roles to understand what not to do or bring to this role considering there is a lot of dignity, poise, and royalty to be maintained with her. While my creative team is really helping me understand Rani Sa’s mannerisms and body language, I think the number of films that I have watched over the years, encompassing similar characters is also helping me adapt to this role. I am taking my act very seriously and I feel it’s my responsibility to give a 100% to this character. I am hoping the audience will love me in this role.”

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