Jab Angoori Na Liya Tiwari Ka Loyalty Test!


Marriage is about falling in love many times but always with the same person. Here romance plays a major role, and this exactly what is upcoming track is about in &TV’s Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai! Angoori Bhabi (Shubhangi Atre) wishes to reignite the romance in her marriage with Manmohan Tiwari (Rohitashv Gour). But all her attempts fail. An upset Angoori speaks to Amma about it, who gives an idea of testing Tiwari’s love and loyalty for her. Using this excellent opportunity to get closer and impress Angoori Bhabi, Vibhuti Narayan Mishra (Aasif Sheikh) turns into a gorgeous woman named Meena to allure Tiwari Ji! The moment Meena makes her grand entry in the Modern Colony, TMT and the commissioner fall head over heels in love with her! But what happens when Tiwari Ji bumps into her? Will Meena’s charm work on him as well? Talking about this fun track, Shubhangi Atre, aka Angoori Bhabi, says, “The upcoming storyline has a lot of masti, romance and entertainment. Angoori’s attempt to woo Tiwari Ji fails. So, on Amma’s advice, she decides to test Tiwari Ji’s loyalty. Vibhuti, who is always looking for an opportunity to woo Angoori, joins her instantly and gets into an attractive woman getup to woo Tiwari Ji. Seeing Meena’s attractiveness, the men in the Modern Colony go into a complete tizzy to woo Meena. But will Meena’s beauty enchant Tiwari Ji? Only time will tell! (Laughs). It has been so much fun shooting with Meena, aka Aasif Ji. He has so much elegance and finesses to carry himself so beautifully well as a woman. I cannot say about Tiwari Ji but Meena ki adakaari ne toh jeet liya Angoori ka mann!”

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