Lakme Fashion Week 2017: Vasundhara Mantri`s `Reverence` jewellery collection is a dynamic art forms

Vasundhara Mantri’s ‘Reverence’ jewellery collection at 6Degree Studio during Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2017 was a study in dynamic art forms that will appeal to women who long for statement pieces.

With the Indian origin flowers as her inspiration, Vasundhara created mind-boggling pieces that had a timeless appeal and would definitely turn into unforgettable heirlooms. The floral inspiration could be revered as jewellery pieces just like the originals are offered to deities with great love and respect.
The live sitar music, idols of deities, fragrance of marigold and the models in traditional dance poses, gave the ambience the aura of a temple. Simple saris and red, green and mustard, bindi-covered faces of the fourteen models added to the traditional feel.

Intricate detailing was the focal point of the earrings; necklaces and rings; while clever textures and finishes gave the jewellery a striking desirable imagery.

The jewellery made of mixed metal with rhodium plating was golden, silver and lacquer. Flowers chosen were tube roses, marigolds, hibiscuses, roses, closed lotuses and small buds; all turned into beautiful innovative pieces as necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, belts, head bands, brooches and some body jewellery.

Some ornaments like the elaborate rose neckpiece, headband, bracelet with spokes of buds/tube roses and multi-use belt-cum-sash-cum-necklace really stood out. The grandest of all was a pearl body mesh with big hibiscus flowers, bracelet of buds and rings as well as the impressive round nose ring.

For jewellery that can turn into conversation pieces at any formal soirée, Vasundhara Mantri’s ‘Reverence’ collection was undoubtedly one that fashion followers will definitely bow to.

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