Zing`s Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya highlights the importance of self love


A person once said, ‘Owning your story and loving yourself through the process is the bravest thing that you can ever do.’ Living this quote is the female protagonist in Zing’s upcoming episode of Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya.

Vishakha (Kshitisha Soni) is an artistically inclined blogger, writer, and poetess. A student by profession and the only daughter to a single mom, she is a person who believes in the thought that imperfection is also beautiful and proudly flaunts the burn mark on her face. Living by example, Vishakha writes about body positivity and beauty and tries to make a difference in the lives of people. On the other hand, is the male lead, Meet (Nitish Gupta) who is a young and dynamic marketing executive in an upcoming beauty brand. Busy in their own lives, the two meet at an event organized by Meet’s company. Vishakha happens to be a panelist and ends up impressing a lot of people with her words. Meet who is on the lookout for fresh faces to endorse the upcoming natural beauty range approaches Vishakha. However, while the CEO is convinced, Meet is faced with the challenge of convincing his immediate boss who is least impressed by her. But later he somehow manages and just when he thought he had won the battle, Vishakha doesn’t agree. After a lot of convincing and negotiation, she agrees and moves to Mumbai to kick-start her professional career. In the next month, Meet doubles up as Vishakha’s go-to person. From helping her settle in Mumbai, to making videos and scheduling them, they do it all together.  During this, Meet and Vishakha fall in love with each other. But life is never a cakewalk, and with each step forward that they take, something or the other keeps pulling them back. Faced with challenges thrown at them at every step, what will be the ultimate result to their love story and Vishakha’s professional career?

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