Zee TV is all set to narrate an unusual love story of two contrasting personalities in Teri Meri Ikk Jindri!


Over the last two festive months, Zee TV opened up an array of entertainment choices for its viewers, presenting them with unique stories that captured the pulse of the Indian middle class and the evolving relationship dynamics in contemporary Indian society. As each of these stories continue to captivate audiences, Zee TV is all set to unveil yet another endearing tale of two young souls, who despite their starkly different personalities, choose to walk together on the common path of love.

Set against the backdrop of Amritsar, Teri Meri Ikk Jindri traces the love story and journey of Mahi and Jogi who differ widely in terms of their background and outlook towards life. The show will feature debutant actor Amandeep Sidhu portraying the character of Mahi, a young 21-year old middle-class Punjabi girl. While she is proficient with managing all the household errands, just like her mother, she holds a strong desire to contribute and support the needs of her family as well. Her very simple philosophy, shaukh ko Vyavsai Banao, has helped her utilize her fondness for driving to become the first female in Amritsar to start an all women cab service for female passengers. While women feel safe travelling in her cab, Mahi also provides to her family’s requirements with the income she earns. She strongly believes in the thought that a daughter need not be just a responsibility to her family but can also contribute to sharing their responsibilities equally.

Much in contrast to Mahi, Joginder (Jogi) essayed by popular television actor, Adhvik Mahajan  is a 24-year old boy who strongly believes in the ideology that ‘insaan paison se nahi khushiyon se ameer hota hai’. Jogi leads a very pleasant and simple life that allows him to seek happiness and peace in the smallest of things around him. Having understood the true meaning of happiness, he refuses to be a part of the rat race towards success. It’s this very trait of his that differentiates him from the crowd. Unlike Mahi, who has found a way to turn her hobbies into her profession, Jogi owns and raises a stable of buffaloes after having earned a diploma degree in Agriculture and cattle raising. While Jogi is a carefree and grounded person following a very simple approach towards life, he is also an energetic and witty person who doesn’t let anyone win an argument against him.

Talking about her character (Mahi) Amandeep Sidhu shared, “I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better character than Mahi to essay as my first lead role. The initial thought that I had when I read about Mahi’s character was that, she is a Punjabi! I knew that I was perfectly fit for this character and was really thrilled to begin exploring her journey. I really love how her zeal to contribute to the family for a better life and deep sense of passion to achieve things matches mine as well. I have grown up in an environment where I have been brought to believe that women are multitaskers. While, they are capable enough to manage the house well, at the same time they can be a great supporter and contributor for their family. And, this particular characteristic  of Mahi really helped me connect to Mahi’s personality and persistence. I am really kicked about shooting this role and can’t wait for the show to hit the TV screens”.

Adding to her excitement Adhvik Mahajan shared, “Jogi as a character is very different from all the other roles that I have enacted. Ofcourse, while there is a very colourful and peppy Punjabi side of him that I absolutely resonate with, there is  also a very profound aspect to his personality that makes him different from the rest. He doesn’t dream or aspire big but manages to find utmost joy in the simplest of things which honestly, I find to be a very evolved trait in him. Portrayal of Jogi is going to be a very challenging task, but at the same time satisfying as an artist due to the colourful shades, high voltage energy and deep layers in the character. Viewers have really appreciated my earlier performances and characters and I am very sure that Jogi will find a place in their hearts as well.”

As this unusual love story unfolds, find out what happens two such persons with extreme opposite perspectives and ideologies towards life fall in love with each other.

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