Chetan Hansraj and Rupa Divetia reunite on the sets of Zee TV’s Brahmarakshas 2 after 16 years


Zee TV has been captivating its audience with interesting and out-of-the box stories that capture the pulse of the Indian middle class. Amongst the various intriguing stories introduced by the channel, Zee TV introduced the second season of its immensely successful weekend thriller, Brahmarakshas. Produced by Balaji Telefilms, the show features television actress Nikki Sharma essaying the lead character of Kalindi opposite popular actor Pearl V. Puri playing the role of Angad.

Having made quite an intriguing start, the show recently unveiled the true identity and the human form that the Brahmarakshas assumes. Essayed by popular television actor Chetan Hansraj, the Brahmarkashas has been seen planning and plotting evil against Kalindi with the help of Gehna (Rupa Divetia) who is seen indulging in various Tantra-Mantras to keep the powers of the Brahmarakshas alive. As close as the characters seem on-screen, Rupa and Chetan share a much deeper and fonder bond off-screen. The duo go back a long way when they used to shoot together in 2004 for another show and have now reunited on the sets of Brahmarakshas 2 after almost 16 years. While shooting for scenes together, Rupa and Chetan have quite a gala time recollecting some nostalgic and fond memories from several years ago.

Chetan Hansraj shared, “I worked with Rupa ji in my very first show. We are actually reuniting on the set of Brahmarkashas 2 after that and it is an absolutely great feeling. I would say it’s more of a coming of age feeling. I have done several shows with Balaji now, that I often see so many people, from the actors to even the spot dadas and cameramen who were a part of my earlier shows. It’s almost like a blast from the past! It is such an honour to be working with Rupa ji again”

Adding further Rupa Divetia shared, “It is always an exciting experience working with Chetan, more so now because we are getting a chance to work after so many years together. Chetan started his career as a kid with me and that time he was a very young boy back and now he has become a really matured actor. it was absolute delight to reconnect with him on the sets of Brahmarakshas 2.”

While Rupa and Chetan spend some time reviving some of the golden memories together, the duo as a part of their characters are set to plan something really evil in Kalindi and Angad’s life. 

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