Brahmarakshas 2 reunites popular on screen father son duo Ashish Kaul and Pearl V. Puri once again


Zee TV has presented several interesting stories over the past 27 years and won its audience over with out-of-the-box and extraordinary content. Yet another compelling narrative is set to take the channel's audience on a trip of fantasy with the second season of its immensely successful and intriguing weekend thriller Brahmarakshas. Produced by Balaji Telefilms, the show will feature popular television actress Nikki Sharma alongside Pearl V. Puri essaying the lead characters of the show. Featuring alongside them will be seasoned television actor Ashish Kaul who after almost a year will once again essay the role of Pearl’s on-screen father, Shakti.

While Ashish and Pearl’s on-screen chemistry has been a massive hit amongst TV viewers, off-screen too the duo share a rather affectionate and close bond. Ashish and Pearl worked together almost a year ago and ever since then they have remained in close touch. From sharing lunches on set to bonding over dinner when away from the set premises, Ashish and Pearl share a true father and son bond. In fact, Ashish’s own son shares a deep brotherly connection with Pearl.

Talking further about their relation, Ashish shared, “Pearl and I go back a long way, the last time we worked together was a year ago and we are once again reuniting on the set, picking up where we left off. While, it’s always a delight to work with him and play his on-screen father, I have never thought of Pearl as any different from my own son. He’s indeed a great talented kid and I have bonded really well with him in the little time that I have known him. I would wish him nothing but the best in life.”

While Ashish and Pearl gear up to depict the magical bond they share on-screen, the show  is set to depict the journey of an ordinary young girl - Kalindi, whose destiny gets entwined with an evil force and a drastic twist of fate has her drawing all her inner strength to combat the wicked Brahmarakshas. Set against the backdrop of Ambala, while the latter garners its strength from kidnapping brides on the day of their wedding and casting a dark spell over the town, Kalindi’s only source of strength is her love for her partner, Angad (played by Pearl V. Puri). As she navigates and manoeuvres her way through the world of evil and her own ordinary life, Kalindi finds herself fighting a tough battle to protect the people she truly cares for!

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