Pratibha Ranta dons the chef’s hat in Karan Jotwani’s absence

Karan Jotwani and Pratibha Ranta of Zee TV’s Qurbaan Hua might be seen having squabbles on screen often, but behind the scenes, the duo shares an extremely close bond with each other. Fom rehearsing their lines together to sharing their dabbas, the actors have become quite friendly. In fact, these on-set buddies don't just share dabbas over lunch, they also stay fit by practicing yoga together on the sets of Qurbaan Hua. However, off lately the duo has not been shooting together and it seems that our very own Chahat is dearly missing the presence of her co-actor on the set.

With another show on his plate, Karan Jotwani has been nose deep in work, shuffling between the sets of his new web series and Qurbaan Hua. Although Pratibha has been working round the clock too, she has begun missing Karan’s light-hearted taunts and jokes that kept her entertained throughout the day. The actors would often share a hearty conversation over lunch too and looks like the actress misses her hero. In fact, Karan would also get fresh, home cooked meals for Pratibha, however in his absence our Chahat has now donned the chef’s hat. With the help of small and easy recipes taught by Karan himself, Pratibha now gets her dabba from home and enjoys a healthy and wholesome meal with the rest of her cast members. But despite this, she truly misses having the on-screen and off-screen banter with Karan Jotwani.

Sharing her thoughts, Pratibha said, “We are a close-knit family on set, so even if one member is not present, we often tend to miss their presence and that way Karan is like our entertainer on set. Of course, my equation with him is very different from what you see onscreen, we are close friend and I do miss having light-hearted fights and fun-filled banters with him. But I am sure I might feel differently once he resumes shooting (laughs). I definitely do miss our lunch breaks together, especially the yummy dabbas he would get from home. However, I have found a way around too. His mom and my mumma have given me a couple of quick and easy recipes that I somehow manage to cook before I leave for the set. While I do miss him on set these days, I do wish him luck for his new show and hope to see him back on  Qurbaan Hua set very soon.”

While Pratibha and Karan’s off-screen banter might be on pause, their on-screen quarrels are definitely going to keep you all entertained.

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