When Gracy Singh turned real life Santoshi Maa for her Bhakt

For an actor, the biggest and the most valued appreciation is when their fans start to resonate and connect with their onscreen character. Gracy Singh who is seen as Santoshi Maa in &TV’s Santoshi Maa Sunaye Vrat Kathayein is one such actor who has been witness to this and has been accepted and appreciated by viewers nationally for her role in the show. Having played this role for more than three years, Gracy shares great affinity towards the character and brings out the best on screen.

Recently, the actor was in for a pleasant surprise when one of her fans who follows the show, addressed Gracy Singh as Santoshi Maa. Yes, that’s right! Her devoted fan reached out to her and seeked help in resolving a problem! Sharing a heartfelt message from one of her bhakts, Gracy Singh said, “I am really thankful to the viewers for having found me to be a perfect fit for the character I am essaying. I keep receiving positive messages from a lot of fans and viewers who thank me, share best wishes and appreciate certain scenes of the show. But this fan really surprised me. Addressing me as Santoshi Maa, Minakshi one of my youngest fans wrote to me seeking my guidance in solving a problem she was facing. Seeing her unrelenting faith and devotion towards my role as Santoshi Maa really made my day.”

Playing a role so divine has not just helped Gracy in lending her support to fans who need her but has also helped her as an individual. Sharing more about her role and how it has brought a positive change in her life, Gracy comments, “Playing the Goddess of satisfaction has brought a different type of serenity and calmness within me. I feel santushti (satisfaction) is the highest power one can achieve, which itself requires immense will power. In the show, Santoshi Maa is the guiding light in her bhakt, Swati’s (Tanvi Dogra) life and comes to her rescue every time she finds herself in a situation. And through the medium of various vrath kathas, help her find solutions to all the problems she faces in her life. It is a story of an undying devotion of a devotee towards her deity and how that helps her overcome several challenges and emerge victoriously”.

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