Saudi Ministry of Culture and ICESCO Launch “The Cultural Index for the Islamic World”

The initiative reflects the commitment to preserving cultural heritage and fostering global cooperation

The Saudi Ministry of Culture, in collaboration with the Islamic Educational, Scientific, and Cultural
Organization (ICESCO), has officially launched the Cultural Index for the Islamic World (CIIW) during
the 12 th Conference of Ministers of Culture in the Islamic world.
CIIW is part of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Saudi Ministry of Culture and ICESCO to
enhance cultural cooperation and exchange of knowledge and expertise between ICESCO member states.
The Index comprises of twenty indicators divided into four dimensions: Culture for Economic
Development; Culture for Environment, Climate, and Resilience; Culture for Social Development; and
Culture for Openness and Diversity. By compiling and analyzing data across these dimensions, CIIW will
provide insight into member states’ cultural status, performance, and achievements, reflecting ongoing
changes in the cultural sector. The data and analysis will be published every three years in an online
report on a dedicated platform hosted by ICESCO.
CIIW reflects Saudi Arabia’s commitment to preserving cultural heritage, enhancing cultural
understanding, and advancing innovation in the cultural sector. The Index will foster collaboration
amongst ICESCO member states and serve as a valuable resource for decision-makers and creative
industries’ operators by providing substantiated evidence of their endeavors within their own
countries and globally.


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