5 space saving storage ideas for your bathroom

The ideal bathroom should be hygienic, easy to clean and clutter-free. Check out these closed and open storage options that can help you to maximize storage and yet create a serene, organized space.  

1. Make use of wall space

Install a wall-mounted rack in the bathroom area to keep extra towels. Make sure that it’s positioned away from potential water splashes. Wall-mounted baskets on vacant walls can be used to store bathroom essentials. You can also fix a rail on the wall and use it to hang toothbrush holders or storage baskets. Hooks or shelf organizers behind the door are handy to hang used towels or clothing.

2. Optimize unutilized spaces

Install drawers and cabinets below the sink to store cleaning supplies. Narrow gaps between the vanity and shower areas are perfect for pull-out storage. This is a great way to store cleaning supplies, towels and toiletries without making the bathroom look cramped.

3. Consider flexible storage options

Baskets can accommodate a variety of bathroom essentials. Place them below the vanity to keep them out of sight. A bar cart is another option, and is easy to move. A small ladder could be used as shelving to place plants or toiletries. A tray on the vanity can be used to neatly store everyday essentials like toothbrushes, toothpaste or perfume. A tiered spice rack or cosmetics organizer can be repurposed for toiletries.

4. Install bespoke storage units

A medicine cabinet can double as a mirror and storage for personal care products. Alternatively, a wood or glass floating shelf below the vanity can offer storage without being bulky. Built-in cabinets with sliding doors can help increase storage in a small bathroom without taking up precious square footage. Cubbies also work beautifully in compact bathrooms. You can also choose floor-to-ceiling cabinets. Make sure they match the colour palette of the bathroom for a cohesive look. If the layout of the bathroom permits, create a niche for soaps, shampoos and other toiletries in the shower area.

5. Use a sink skirt

A sink skirt will keep essentials out of view. Note that a pleated skirt is a great way to infuse colour and pattern into the bathroom decor. 


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