Awestruck filmmaker Subhash Ghai offers a blank cheque and contract to Sa Re Ga Ma Pa contestants


Zee TV recently returned with its most iconic and longest-running singing reality show that has stayed relevant to music lovers across the country - Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2021. The show started off with a bang and the talented contestants of this season have already managed to impress the audience. However, viewers are in for a special treat this Saturday as one of India’s topmost filmmakers - Subhash Ghai, will join in as a special guest on this week’s episode of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa.  

While the upcoming episode will showcase the top 10 contestants delivering some mind-blowing performances, it will be Subhash Ghai’s quirky comments that everyone will relate with! After seeing the young, talented musicians put their best foot forward, the ace filmmaker was reminded of a few singers he has worked with during his illustrious career. While sharing some interesting anecdotes, Ghai even compared contestants Deepayan and Neelanjana with Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar respectively. What’s more, the filmmaker gave one of them a once-in-a-lifetime offer! 

During this special episode, Neelanjana enthusiastically recreated Lata Mangeshkar’s song ‘Bada Dukh Dina O Ramji’. The contestant’s mesmerising performance left Subhash Ghai impressed, so much so that he offered her a contract. 

Subhash Ghai mentioned on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa“Neelanjana, you sang very beautifully, and I felt as if you relived this song today. I really felt Lata Ji was singing the song, your performance was so good. I want to request you to please visit our office, a contract for you as a singer will be ready.” 

While Neelanjana was overjoyed with the offer, contestant Deepayan also got a round of applause from Subhash Ghai. After his stellar act to ‘Om Shanti Om,’ the filmmaker got nostalgic and spoke of the time when Late Kishore Kumar had recorded the track for his movie. As Subhash Ghai revealed, “You sang every part of the song, exactly the same way he did. You sang very well Deepayan, and I really felt that Kishore Da is back. Great work. Deepayan was over the moon hearing these words from the special guest, but that’s not it!

After contestant Snigdhajit’s power-packed rendition of ‘Khalnayak,’ he mentioned how he had started his journey with the ‘Khalnayak’ song which got him a job at a local pub. He thanked the director for making such an iconic film, but little did he know what was to follow! Dazzled by his performance, Subhash Ghai gave him a signed blank cheque and said,  “Snigdhajit, my blessings are with you. I feel the initial phase where everyone struggles are very important and I am sure, there's no one here onset who hasn't faced any struggle to reach this level. I was actually very influenced after listening to you and I want to offer you a cheque. I’m not writing any amount, please feel free to write whatever amount you want.” 

While Subhash Ghai’s comments and gestures will leave you surprised, wait till you see the performances by all the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa contestants during this Saturday’s episode, they’re sure to leave you hooked! 

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