Megha Ray steps into the character of an old woman for Zee TV’s Apna Time Bhi Aayega


Ever since its premiere, Zee TV’s Apna Time Bhi Aayega has been inspiring its audience with its thought-provoking tale. While Rani’s (Megha Ray) hard-hitting journey, while trying to break free from the shackles of her background, has managed to empower several women across India, the recent twists and turns in the show have also been kept the audience hooked. In fact, the constant clash between Rani and Ranvijay has got viewers intrigued to see who will finally win the battle. While Ranvijay continues to find a way to destroy Rani, little does he know that the latter has a new trick up her sleeve. In an attempt to save herself and expose Ranvijay’s true intentions, Rani was seen trying to fool everyone by taking up a new avatar.

Leaving all the viewers shocked, Rani took on the disguise of an old woman during the shoot recently and we have to say it was an absolute contrast from her current avatar. Putting up an effortless performance, she truly aced this avatar, and she couldn’t be more delighted at the response she received from her fans. In fact, the actress has been enjoying playing her character ever since she got a chance to perform an interesting yet dangerous stunt for the show. Yes, you heard it right! Megha was on a harness, hanging at the edge of a 3-storey building for a scene where Rani falls off after having a fight with Ranvijay.

Recalling the moment before she performed this stunt, our very own Rani, Megha Ray, mentioned, I absolutely had no idea that we would be shooting this sequence with me performing the stunt. In fact, I assumed that we would use some computer graphics and cheat shots or a dummy to showcase the sequence. However, when I reached the set, they began putting a harness around me, oblivious to my perplexed reaction. They just said that I had to act as if I am falling off a building. Surprisingly, I had the most casual response to that, and during the shot, I wasn’t nervous at all. On the contrary, I had lot of fun especially when the crane lifted me almost three floors up, it was truly an exciting experience for me.

Talking about stepping into this new avatar, Megha Ray added,Getting to experiment with different characters is what an actor truly craves and with this new avatar it almost felt like I wasn’t playing Rani anymore. In fact, I felt it like it was my first day of shoot because this character is entirely different from how Rani is! Not only the look, but the typical Marwadi accent that I have to bring out with this character was interesting too. However, the biggest challenge with this role was to keep Rani’s essence alive, while ensuring that she doesn’t resemble her in any way. Moreover, to stay bent in one position and to constantly bring out a husky voice while talking was certainly very challenging. Having said that, this is what excites me the most and I am thoroughly looking forward to playing more of this character.

While Rani is busy keeping her identity a secret, she is also on a mission to find Digvijay and unveil Ranvijay’s dark truth. But will she be successful in doing so or will the latter unveil her identity?

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