Mythological stories always have had a fascination and staunch following amongst viewers of all ages. They have always presented viewers with the hope of direction and protection in uncertain times. Of all the fascinating stories on the legend of Lord Shiva and his various avatars, one story that has never been told before is the story of Bal Shiv and his Bal Roop. &TV now gears up to present for the first time on Indian television an unheard and untold story of Lord Shiva’s bal roop, with its new mythological fiction show, ‘Bal Shiv’.

Lord Shiva had taken several avatars but had never experienced childhood and a mother’s love. Produced by Zee Studios, Bal Shiv will depict the untold mythical Katha of the mother and son’s, (Mahasati Anusuya and Bal Shiv’s), eternal bond through exploring various chapters of his childhood and self-discovery.

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