Socio-mythology stories have been an eternal part of Indian culture for ages, with a wide range of stories and legendary kings, queens and Gods. In its endeavour to offer extraordinary and captivating stories for its viewers, &TV is now all set to present its latest fiction offering with ‘Ghar Ek Mandir - Kripa Agrasen Maharaja Ki’. Produced by Zee Studios, the show is a never-seen-before socio drama on Indian television built around the context of the legendary king, Agrasen Maharaja. Agrasen Maharaja was the founder of the Agrawal community of traders and, through his ideologies and teachings, helped the community prosper.


The story will depict Maharaja Agrasen’s core principles through his ardent bhakt and the show’s lead protagonist, Genda. Genda, a devoted girl, belonging to a low-income family, is married into a business family. The captivating narrative will bring alive the beautiful relationship of faith between Agrasen Maharaja and his devotee Genda, who considers him her friend, philosopher and guide.

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