Mahi to face the biggest Agni pareeksha in Zee TV’s Teri Meri Ikk Jindri


Zee TV recently introduced its new show, a unique love story of opposites Teri Meri Ikk Jindri that traces the love story and journey of Mahi and Jogi, who despite their starkly different personalities and outlook towards life, choose to walk together on the common path of love. Featuring television actress Amandeep Sidhu opposite popular television actor Adhvik Mahajan, the show has been receiving immense amount of love from all. The current track  in particular where Mahi was all set to happily wed Arjun (Akash Mansukhani), the perfect match found by her family definitely got viewers curious to know what would unravel between Jogi and Mahi. However, before unveiling their story, the makers have brought in a new twist where a daughter (Mahi) will be seen facing an Agni-pareeksha to fight for her innocence against her very own family.

It’s been nothing short of a tough journey for Mahi who has been crossing several hurdles the biggest being, an MMS that was shared of her and Jogi by Gulshan (Manish Verma). Just when Mahi wished to inform her family about them being framed, her worst fear came to life when her and Jogi’s videos were played at a wedding leaving her entire family stunned and ashamed of her behaviour.  While Jogi has been fighting for his innocence in a police station after being brutally beaten up, Mahi will now be facing the biggest agni-pareeksha against her own family where-in she would have just 24 hours to prove Gulshan guilty and herself innocent.

Speaking about this track, Amandeep said, “This is the most important and in fact, one of the proudest and biggest highlights of Mahi’s life. Never has it been that we have seen a daughter having to prove herself to her own family, but the upcoming track is definitely going to keep viewers hooked and captivated to know what unveils in her life. While we usually have lot of fun shooting on the sets, the particular sequence was pretty intense, and I had to really put myself in Mahi’s shoes to feel that determination and aggression to prove her worth. At a point of time the tears were actually real and despite the scenes being mentally tiring, I have really loved shooting the sequence. It’s like Mahi’s fight was like my own and I can’t wait to see the audience’s reaction to it.”

While Mahi has put forth a 24-hr challenge in front of her family, will she truly be able to prove her innocence? With Pappu ji (Manoj Chandila) constantly planning and plotting chaos in her life, will Gulshan get away this time too? Most importantly what will happen when Roopa and Bishno realize that Mahi is responsible for what happened to Jogi?

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