It is very important and the need of the hour to empower and educate girls leading to their better and brighter future. Taking this message forward are &TV artists Manmohan Tiwari (Rohitashv Gour), Angoori Bhabi (Shubhangi Atre), and Pappu (Manmohan Tiwari) who share their thoughts and part an important message to audiences this National Girl Child Day. Rohitashv Gour (Manmohan Tiwari), a proud father of two teenage girls says, “It is a girl who brings in abundant beauty, joy, and love to the world. As parents, we must give them the wings to fly high and, be fearless and help them to take on the world with dignity and self-respect. I have never stopped my daughters from dreaming big and striving to achieve greater heights. On National Girl Child Day, I urge everyone to pledge to protect and promote the rights and interests of our girls.”  Manmohan Tiwari (Pappu) who was recently blessed with a baby girl shares, “This National Girl Child Day, I promise to make my daughter understand the importance of saying ‘No’. She needs to know that if falls prey to an uncomfortable situation, she has the right to say ‘No’ without fearing the consequences. I would also like to pledge and support my daughter in the decisions she plans to make for herself when she grows up and be present for her whenever she needs me.” Shubhangi Atre (Angoori Bhabi), a proud mother of a teenage girl shares, “I have always taught my daughter to be a go-getter and be confident in her own skin. These days we hear a lot of people pointing fingers at girls for the choices they make be it in their career or personal lives. I would like to tell my daughter that sky is the limit and if she is confident to achieve her goals, success will eventually be hers. This National Girl Child Day, I would like all the girls to understand that let’s not get affected by what people think and assume of you, you have a long way to go.”  

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