Maera Mishra finds a mother figure on the sets of Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega


Zee TV’s popular fiction show, Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, has received immense love from the audience courtesy its unique and intriguing storyline. Following a 20-year leap that showcased the ups and downs in Choti Guddan’s (Kanika Mann) life, the show has once again brought in a rather captivating twist to its narrative. Choti’s mother aka the original Guddan (Kanika Mann), who was seen facing a tragic death with Akshat, once again returned to protect her daughter from Pushpa (Anahita Jahanbaksh) and Nia’s (Maera Mishra) evil intentions. 

The latter two have been plotting various strategies to get Choti Guddan out of their way. As close as Nia and Pushpa are seen on-screen, Maera and Anahita too share a rather affectionate bond off-screen. They have been extremely close to each other since Maera joined the cast and crew of the show. In fact, very recently when a homesick Maera began missing her mother, it was Anahita who stepped into comfort and console her.

Sharing the experience, Maera said, “I remember a few days back my mom got sick, and the fact that I wasn’t able to be with her was affecting me a lot. I felt so low and helpless that I went to Pushpa Maa and I just started crying. She just held and hugged me so tight and after a while, took me in her room to comfort me. She also made nimbu paani for me which made me feel so much better. I mean  no one does that for anyone and I felt really special and loved. Savi is another person who I have become extremely close with and he is like my best friend on set. This is indeed the first time in my career I have seen that all the actors are so supportive and fun to work with.”


Well, here’s to hoping that their camaraderie does stay strong. Meanwhile, Nia’s life seems to be in grave danger and it seems our Choti Guddan is the one responsible for it. Will Choti Guddan fall trap to yet another fatal plan of Pushpa and Nia’s or will Agastya be able to help her out?

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