“Excited to shoot for action sequences at the age of 57,” says Rupa Divetia on her role in Brahmarakshas 2


Zee TV has presented several successful shows over the past 27 years and won its audience over with out-of-the-box and extraordinary content. Now yet another compelling narrative is set to take the channel's audience on a trip full of fantasy with the second season of its immensely successful and intriguing show Brahmarakshas. Produced by Balaji Telefilms, the show will feature popular television actress Nikki Sharma alongside Pearl V. Puri essaying the lead characters of the show. Featuring alongside them will be seasoned television actress Rupa Divetia, who is set to leave the viewers stunned with her impressive performance in a uniquely new role.

Having spent a considerable time in the television industry essaying numerous negative and positive characters, Rupa will be seen playing a supernatural negative role after nearly 15 years. At 57, the actress is still beyond thrilled to experiment with characters and considers her upcoming role to be a real exciting and unique challenge. Essaying the role of Gehna, her character will be seen indulging in the ‘Tantra-Mantra’ that her on-screen husband practices. As Rupa Divetia revealed, “After a really long time I’m playing a unique character of a 70-year-old woman who is the shadow and wife of a Tantric and bears quite some eerie traits. While I am simultaneously also essaying a character of my age, both these roles are very different as compared to the ones that I have played until now. I had last played a supernatural character nearly 15 years back and I am quite thrilled to experience it once again. Moreover, this character brings a new challenge for me in so many ways. While the character is negative of sorts, it has its quirks, supernaturally speaking.”

Accepting the challenges coming her way, Rupa is equally excited to perform some action sequences in the show, her age holding no barrier against her. Speaking about the same, Rupa said “I have shot for action sequences before, back when I was playing the character of a lady mafia but I was around 30 then…and now I am 57. (laughs) Shooting for action sequences at this age, after so many years, it is challenging but quite exciting. Gehna is a physically strong and active character who is although 70 but has the energy of a 17-year-old. So, currently I am trying to remain fit and touchwood I have always been healthy, so it makes the process much easier. Moreover, my crew members and team have been immensely supportive during the shoot and however difficult it may have felt to jump and run, they understood my limits and potential and adjusted to it accordingly. 

While Rupa Divetia is all set to channel the evilness for this new role, Brahmarakshas 2 will depict the journey of an ordinary young girl - Kalindi, whose destiny gets entwined with an evil force and a drastic twist of fate has her drawing all her inner strength to combat the wicked Brahmarakshas. Set against the backdrop of Songadh, while the latter garners its strength from kidnapping brides on the day of their wedding and casting a dark spell over the town, Kalindi’s only source of strength is her love for her partner, Angad (played by Pearl V. Puri). As she navigates and manoeuvres her way through the world of evil and her own ordinary life, Kalindi finds herself fighting a tough battle to protect the people she truly cares for!

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