Samta Sagar celebrates her birthday with the cast of


Known for her suave and typically sweet image, Samta Sagar who plays Gudiya’s (Sarika Bahroliya) mother Sarla in &TV’s Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari celebrated her birthday today with her reel family. While she enjoyed her time shooting and celebrating her birthday on the sets of the show, her real family has planned a sweet dinner which consists of all her favourite dishes to end her special day.

Sharing her plans, and summing up her day Samta Sagar says, “I once read a line that said, ‘Your birthday is the one day you own.’ After working hard and tirelessly the entire year, this is the one day you can actually, sit back and enjoy the love showered on you by your friends and family. I started off my day by doing something that I enjoy the most – acting and shooting. After completing a few scenes for my on-going show, Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari, I cut a beautiful chocolate cake with my on-set family. Post cake cutting and enjoying the celebratory moments, they played one of my recent favourite Bollywood dance numbers, ‘ Kamariya’ to which I danced along with my reel family. It was a real fun day and I eagerly look forward for the evening which will be a small intimate celebration organized by my husband.”

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