“Whenever I get some time, I take my bike out and go for cycling,” mentions Qurbaan Hua’s Karan Jotwani


With the lockdown gradually lifting and people across the country stepping out into the new normal, Zee TV resumed shoots of its popular shows and reconnected its audiences with the journeys of their beloved characters. This indeed has left all the viewers excited to watch their favourite dinner time companions on the small screen once again.  Neel (Karan Jotwani) and Chahat’s (Pratibha Ranta) dramatic yet intriguing story in Qurbaan Hua has already captivated the Zee TV audience. But looks like the viewers are in for an interesting treat as several twists and turns are set to spice up the plot of the show pretty soon.   

Pratibha Ranta, who made her debut in the show, has gained a lot of fan following due to her fantastic portrayal of Chahat's character in Qurbaan Hua, however it is Karan Jotwani who has also become a household name. In fact, the hard-working actor had been working double time these past few weeks due to his other work commitments and while everyone has been loving his onscreen performance, looks like the  actor decided to take a quick break to unwind himself. He has been juggling between two projects lately. In fact, with both his characters being so intense, we truly believe a little break harms no one. However, the actor sure has some unique ways to drive off the fatigue.

As Karan Jotwani revealed, “Currently I’ve been shuffling between two shows and it is indeed quite hectic. While I have been trying to push myself to do more and do better, I have been feeling tired these days. But I am trying to break out of this feeling of fatigue in a unique way. Looking at other people working so hard on Qurbaan Hua does keep me motivated, but what keeps me going is nature. I have always felt very connected with nature, thus whenever I get some time to myself, I take my bike and go out for cycling. The greens never fail to uplift my mood. Sometimes in between shots I even come outside the set and just sit and breathe because there’s a lot of greenery around the set. I love spending time with nature, it has a rather healing effect on my soul.”

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