Every year, World Heart Day is celebrated to spread awareness about heart disease and stroke prevention. On this occasion, &TV artists – From Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai, Angoori Bhabi (Shubhangi Atre) and Vibhuti Mishra (Aasif Sheikh); Pappu (Manmohan Tiwari) and Mahua (Sambhavna Seth) from Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari, Daroga Happu Singh (Yogesh Tripathi) from Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, Devi Parvati (Vidisha Srivastava) from Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram, and Ushma Devi (Ratan Raajput) from Santoshi Maa Sunaye Vrat Kathayein share their healthy heart secrets, following the core belief of Svasth Mann Toh Tandurast Jeevan. Aasif Sheikh (Vibhuti Mishra) shares, "I thoroughly believe in this proverb - 'Health is Wealth'. Apart from following a healthy diet accompanied with cardio exercise, it is equally important to keep your heart in check regularly and monitor the cholesterol levels regularly. A step that you take towards your heart is a step you take towards your whole body." Yogesh Tripathi (Daroga Happu Singh) says, "It is believed that Laughter is the best medicine. We all lead a very stressful life. While I do make it a point to eat right, but at the same time, I also focus a lot of keeping stress at bay. A good, hearty laugh relieves physical tension and stress, leaving your muscles relaxed and boosts your immune system." Adding to this, Sambhavna Seth (Mahua) comments, "Dancing is my passion, and it also helps me stay healthy and fit. It is a fun way to burn calories and keep your heart healthy. Also, eating healthy is a must; a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can increase important cholesterol-lowering compounds." Ratan Raajput (Ushma Devi) comments, "World Heart Day is a reminder to stay true to myself and the decisions I have made in life. Right from practicing yoga daily to eating healthy, I have reaped significant heart benefits. It aids in reducing stress and anxiety, which can lower heart rate and blood pressure while lowering the risk of heart disease. In addition to this, I also believe that acceptance of who you are plays an important role in reducing stress in the long run.” Shubhangi Atre (Angoori Bhabi) shares, "It is crucial to unwind and destress. I work out and even dance as it helps in raising the heart rate and gets the lungs pumping. Apart from this, activities like crocheting and cooking help in relieving stress, which ultimately results in maintaining a healthy heart." Manmohan Tiwari (Pappu), shares, "Apart from the annual check-ups and fibre rich diet, I like to go for a run in the morning every day. It is not only a great way to stay in shape but also increases your stamina and endurance, along with keeping your health healthy." Vidisha Srivastava (Devi Parvati) adds, "For healthy heart, I eat healthy food that is low on cholesterol and high in nutrient value. While food plays an important factor, I also do power yoga, as I believe that even the heart needs exercise." 

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