Nahi Chaiye Mujhe Woh Siksha Jo Logon Ke Jeevan Ko Kuchal Kar Mile!

&TV's Ek Mahanayak Dr B. R Ambedkar in a short period has climbed the popularity charts from the time it was launched in December last year. The show, very recently, completed a successful milestone of 100 episodes. In the current track, viewers will witness the struggle that Bhimrao faces to convince his community villagers to send their kids to school. Bhimrao will see villagers supporting him in his decision and come together to light the alaav which is a symbolic and united fight for the right to education. He will continue to do the same till the time his community children do not get to study in the same school as the other community kids. Revolting against this, Sethji (Sunil Dutt) announces that if they continue supporting Bhimrao, they will not get work in the village. But, will their combined efforts yield results and will Bhimrao be able to go to school again?


Talking about the upcoming episode, Ramji Sakpal (Jagannath Nivangune) shares, "Babasaheb had to face a lot of struggles to ensure everyone gets equal rights to education. In the upcoming episode of Ek Mahanayak Dr B.R Ambedkar, Sethji announces that he will not give jobs to the people who are supporting Bhimrao. Opposing his decision, villagers join hands to support Bhimrao by lighting the alaav. Concerned about the villagers, Bhimrao ponders upon the thought that if his community people are going to suffer then there is no point pursuing what he had started. In protest, Bhimrao goes on to say, 'Nahi Chaiye Mujhe Woh Siksha Jo Logon Ke Jeevan Ko Kuchal Kar Mile.’ How will Bhimrao and villagers united fight against inequality in education bring justice will form the main crux of the story ."

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