Ellementry Launches A Collection of Kitchen Storage Bins and Racks

Lifestyle home décor brand Ellementry has made an impressive mark in a short span with its impeccably handcrafted products. Celebrating simple luxury through exquisite and sustainable designs, Ellementry offers a refined way to living. They have launched a collection of charming storage units for the kitchen that bring joy to the mundane.

In these difficult times, we are finding solace in cooking, feeding and doing up our home and kitchen. Ellementry’s new collection of storage units come in handy to upgrade your kitchen with interesting solutions. Not only do the beautiful storage bins and shelves take away the routine from your kitchen and add lots of delight and style, they also allow you to organize things in a smart way by allotting a specific space for each and every thing. So no more wasted time looking for stuff.

Made of galvanized iron coated with food-safe materials, each of the storage barrels and bins is designed with much thought so that the article you place in them stays in good condition. For example, tactfully placed holes at the bottom of onion and potato storage bins allow aeration so that they keep fresh for long. You could also use these units to store odds and ends like a charm.

The beautifully handcrafted kitchen shelves and racks come in different sizes and are equally enchanting. By displaying jars and bins in an attractive way, they make organizing easy for you, and at the same time, add a design quotient to your kitchen. The storage collection comprises bins with wooden lid for onion, patato, rice and wheat, and kitchen organizer shelves.

About the Brand

Within a year of its launch, Ellementry, the lifestyle has transformed many a home with its unique aesthetics, inspired by the elements. Specializing in simple luxury through handcrafted exclusivity, Ellementry comes from a three-decade-long legacy of wowing the world with its exquisite and inspiring product range. It is the retail offshoot of Dileep Industries that has won many awards and accolades for exporting high-quality products to international brands.

With the belief that basic fundamentals of good living and design are as elementary as the unison of form and function, the brand focuses on the nitty-gritties. Their creations are contemporary, timeless and are borne out of responsible processes based on the six pillars: Handmade – by artists and craftspeople; Fusion – of beauty and utility, materials and finishes; Sustainable ­– from ideas to end product; Form & Function – the products look just as good as they do good; Culture Revival – reimagining through traditions; Food Safe – international standard materials and finishes.  

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