An Anita Dongre Grassroot Initiative in association with UNDP for Sustainable Development of North East India

The northeastern states of our country have always been so vibrant and strive to be in harmony with nature - be it it's rich biodiversity, forests & wildlife; be it their organic farming practices – a model for all other Indian states & also the world to learn from and emulate.  The indigenous communities there have been preserving their traditional designs and handicrafts which are really unique from the rest of the country. What is particularly interesting is that the women in the North East work from the comfort of their homes, even part-time, which enables them to strike a beautiful balance between their personal lives & work whilst preserving their craft and continuing their legacy. The model in the North East largely has women artisans who are self-employed – their entrepreneurial zeal makes our engagement even more special. ‘Women empowerment’ is a cause which is very close to our heart at House of Anita Dongre for we firmly believe that empowering women is a prerequisite for a truly inclusive and progressive India. Under our Anita Dongre Grassroot Initiative, we envisage design interventions in the North Eastern communities which are relevant and which find a market place so that we can all together encourage and support the crafts and livelihoods of these artisans.

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