Editor Speak


Finally, we are going to wrap up November with Pink Winters very soon. November has become so memorable for us Indians with some sweet and with some not so sweet memories. At one hand it was Demonetization, a daring act of Govt of India against corruption, black money and terrorism, on the other hand the Mumbai Attack of 26/11 which happened in year 2008, we should not forget the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for rest of us.Other than these historical moments this is also a time when everyone pack away the summer wardrobe to make space for some cozy autumn/ Winter Wears, hope you guys must also have unfolded the coolest of stuff from your wardrobe. This is the time when all of us start unfolding our long coats and boots to showcase a very different style of ourselves. With all those layers we welcome the winter in India.Further, I am happy to announce that with God's grace and all of your good wishes we have successfully organized 14th IIFA Fashion Awards which was recognized and appreciated by almost all major News Papers. Other than this if anyone wish to make his/ her career in Fashion Designing/ Modelling, be our guest at our IIFA premise and our counsellors will be more than happy to resolve all of your queries and let you know that how rewarding this career is. So, enjoy the winters….