Cozy Apartment with Small Yard and Light Contemporary Design

Rich textures in dynamic dialog whit each other – the gorgeous herringbone parquet and the masonry brick walls create warm and expressive ambiance for this small apartment in Lviv, Ukraine.

The architects from Repuls Design Bureau used trendy materials – like the laminated plywood surfaces, mirrors to visually extend the small premise, industrial glass blocks (in the bathroom) and of course the exposed brick constructs painted in charcoal gray to compose their home. They also created custom-made furniture pieces that can fit in any niche and cranny of the small premises and ingenious architectural solutions – like elevating an elegant wood and metal platform for the bed. A stylish color palette based on the entwinement of gray, wood, white base and thin black details give a specific dynamics and cozy feel for this contemporary arrangement.

Creating the space for themselves, the young architects made a design composition that is not only very stylish, inventive and artistic but also carries the soul of a loved space. Using clear lines, expressive materials, trendy lighting solutions and unexpected space arrangements they composed an ambiance that has rhythm and style of a modern life dynamics. The small kitchen features custom-made plywood joinery and a simply shaped kitchen island that can extend to host larger companies. The single living premise combines the bedroom platform and the inviting soft sitting area in a stylish and elegant arrangement. The bathroom is very impressive with its Soviet industrial glass blocks wall – looking towards the inner courtyard and the juxtaposition between its smooth surface and the rough texture of the old brick construct is also very expressive.  Photography by Maksim Sosnov


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