Sustainable Clothing Brand: The Monkey Brain and Co

The Monkey Brain Co, a sustainable clothing brand inspired by the Mother Nature launches their latest collection. The collection is divided into 2 beautiful stories - ‘The Whites’ and ‘The Summer Blocks’.


The capsule collection ‘The Whites’ is meant for the Gypsy hearts! It includes garments ranging from shirt dresses to off shoulder pullover dress to fit & flare styles. It’s an interesting mix of artsy, hip and street wear. ‘The Whites’ is inspired from laid-back activities like brunch dates, day concerts, relaxed holidays on an Island, exploring lavender fields and unknown streets of an new city.

‘The Whites’ reflects the brand’s love for all things handmade and natural as it involves the use of hand woven Khadi to hand paint to handcrafted tassels.


‘The Summer Blocks’ is for carefree souls. Especially designed prints have been used keeping love for nature a priority. The print of rose flower and the leaves on the garments are an actual imprint of a dried leaf & rose.

The collection is inspired from laid back days/evenings sipping on drinks and wearing big sunny hats. It’s inspired from friends/family get together on weekends in the lawn. It includes Kimono Shirt dresses to flared tunics to handkerchief style maxi’s. Soft & light natural fabrics like cotton; cotton moss, cotton linen and Khadi have been used to keep the garments light and fresh.

Each TMBCo soulful garment tells a different story reflected by the pretty handcrafted details. TMBCo is working in the best possible way to provide creative fun and bit of glamour garments providing no harm to nature. Their collection tells numerous stories of those wondrous souls, that hip culture, the handicraft art appreciators, the nature lovers and humans finding unique in everything they treasure.


About The Monkey Brain Co:

Clothing Company Inspired To Work Hand In Hand with Mother Nature.

Co founded by Vijayta M Ratusaria and Akshita Ratusaria. The Monkey Brain Co is a sustainable clothing brand using biodegradable natural fiber fabrics to preserve nature and hand woven fabrics for their love of old school art. The use of hand embroidery, hand painting, block printing and other handicraft techniques are used to add the details and highlights to the modern silhouette garments.


The skilled and under training unskilled craftsmen at TMBCo factory believes in using minimum paper and reusing waste fabrics for up cycled products used as complementary goodies for customers.

TMBCo’s fun element is reflected by its name The Monkey Brain Co. that was thought of while doodling a crazy Mojo Jojo from Power-puff girls. The Monkey Brain Co. name reflects the spirit of TMBCo team to never stop evolving with the mix of modern silhouettes, nature friendly fabrics and old school handicrafts with hint of glamour.

Mission at The Monkey Brain Co is to make #themonkeytribe (TMBCo customer) feel easy breezy in natural fabrics and closest to nature even whether sitting in office working or while holidaying by the beach on an Island.


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