The Road Less Travelled | Grassroot by Anita Dongre AW`18

'Grassroot' is Anita Dongre's ode to the traditional artisans and the heirloom crafts that form the fibre of India’s legacy. We go deep into the heart of India where the artisans live, to help them revive their craft in its place of origin. The new collection is a story of revival, rejuvenation and rebirth – of the crafts, the artisans and you, who sustain these heirloom traditions with the power of your purchase.

The new collection is an amalgamation of the age-old heritage crafts such as rich Banaras Brocade, hand-tied Bandhani and handwoven Maheshwari and Bhagalpuri stripes that have been passed down generations, practised since childhood and preserved with pride. Handwoven fabrics such as Jamdani, Ikat, Maheshwari Silk, Chanderi and South Indian cotton are also featured in the collection. We have also explored the iconic block printing arts such as Dabu, Ajrak and Discharge block print, which date back centuries and was a popular choice amongst royals. The hand embroideries are done on a backdrop of handwoven Chanderi and Peace silk with accents of zardozi and sequin work.

This season, we’ve also introduced an exclusive batch of Matka Peace silk in our collection. Matka peace silk is wildcrafted as its produced from the cocoons of silk moths, which are collected from forests after the moths leave their cocoon. It is then reeled and woven by hand in remote villages creating an exquisite fabric that is cruelty-free. Wildcrafted, handwoven peace silk is a long and arduous process, but extremely fulfilling. This type of fabric is woven using thick yarn without removing the gum from the silk filaments, giving the fabric a distinct character.

Our colour palette ranges from gorgeous hues inspired by forests such as deep greens, earthy browns, reds and indigos, to rich jewel tones like sparkling ruby, amber, emerald and onyx. The collection features jumpsuits and dresses with cinched waists and interesting overlap necklines. You can also choose from versatile separates that can be paired as matching fall sets. The hand embroidered motifs are inspired by the flora and fauna of the forests of Rajasthan. The silhouettes are elegant, refined and effortlessly feminine with fluid and asymmetric hemlines that unfurl and ruffle with every step.

Setting the tone, the campaign is set against the background of the magnificent Karauli City Palace— built in 1348, it is the oldest city palace in Rajasthan and home to some of the finest paintings of that era. Sharing our beliefs of reviving and sustaining the rich legacy of our country, the royal family’s sustained efforts have established Karauli as a leading historic, artistic and spiritual destination.

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